I don’t think of power in terms of conquering people. I don’t think of it something to be imposed. I’m not advocating that you should, either. That kind of power seldom lasts. But you should realize that power is constant in the world. You shape your perception, or someone shapes them for you. You do what you want to do, or you respond to someone else’s plan for you. To me, ultimate power is the ability to produce the results you desire most and create value for others in the process. Power is the ability to change your life, to shape your perceptions, to make things work for you and not against you. Real power is shared, not imposed. It’s the ability to define human needs and to fulfil them- both your needs and the needs of the people you care about. It’s the ability to direct your own personal kingdom- your own thought processes, your own behaviour- so you produce the precise results you desire.

Today, one of the largest sources of power is derived from specialized knowledge. The exciting thing to note is that the key to power today is ava to act”. WHAT WE DO IN LIFE IS DETERMINED BY HOW WE COMMUNICATE TO OURSELF.┬áThe action is what unites every great success. The action is what produce results. Knowledge is the only potential power until it comes into the hands of someone who knows how to get himself to take effective action.

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