One experiences highs, lows and the times in between in their lives. I believe one’s highs and lows can be counted on one’s fingers but what makes most of our life is those “times in between”. It is what you do during these moments is what makes you-you!

Every person has some unique quality to him and is born with some inherent disposition. Some people are workaholics, others lazy, others blessed, while others are just unlucky. But whatever your nature or your fate, there is one thing in my opinion which will keep you sane and will earn you respect and that one thing is WORK.
 . The feeling that, unlike so many of working women out there, you haven’t managed to do anything for yourself, for your soul, your brain. That is when I started working part-time, giving back to my roots, my parents who had spent years in educating me.

Remember ladies and gentlemen, whatever happens, is destined but that does not mean you cannot write your own destiny. One thing I have learned in life and I believe fiercely is that – “WORK ALONE WILL EARN YOU RESPECT” and will keep you springing from within. Work doesn’t have to be monetarily defined, it could be some social cause, too. But unless you work, your mind will turn into “a devil’s workshop”.

I ask and teach myself every day to be calm and keep doing one thing or the other… productive stuff, which keeps me busy. I am blessed to be able to do many things on my own. Everybody should, therefore, find ways to work, learn and do stuff which enriches our knowledge.

It is absolutely true – Work is worship.

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